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Public Shaming: Baseball Fans SUPER ANGRY Hispanic American Superstar Sang 'God Bless America' at All-Star Game

The thing that saddens me most is realizing that I am not surprised by this.


Last night was the 2013 MLB All-Star game. Ah, America’s pastime! Who doesn’t love a good baseball game? And what better way to open up America’s game then with a heartfelt rendition of ‘God Bless America’?

And…wait, a minute. Who is this guy coming out to sing God Bless AMERICA?





// this blog//

So I don’t update this thing. I created some other tumblr sites that I update more often than this one. And here’s one that I should really revive one of these days.

But this one? I just use this to follow people on my dashboard.

After some inner soul-searching, I have come to the conclusion that I like T.I.

There’s this:


and this:

Damn you Clifford Harris.

// u.s.a. vs. the uk//

US songstress Erykah Badu and her boyfriend liveblogged the birth of their daughter via Twitter.

UK comic Stephen Fry Twittered being stuck in an elevator for a few hours.

Therefore, UK:1, US:0

Christian Bale had a tantrum and some brilliant person turned it into a dance song.

we missed you, hissed the lolcats.

Sometimes there are no words for something like this. Only giggles.

// yes, you can share too much information with strangers//

Last night (technically, very early this morning), I attended a concert by a Portland, OR rock group known as The Thermals.

Prior to the band taking the stage, I went to the restroom to do my business and as I was washing my hands, a woman declared that she wore a sports bra especially for the show so she could dance and not worry about her breasts bouncing around.

This was not information I wanted or needed to know.

However, I just realized that if a man by the name of Michel Gondry, whom I spotted earlier in the evening shared something as personal as this, I wouldn’t have minded so much. In fact, I would have found it endearing and would have wanted to befriend him more than I do now.

// He’s right, I love his nuts.//

By now, you must know of Vince from ShamWow.

If not, keep reading about Vince Offer.

Vince, is somewhat of a tragic character. You see, he is a former Scientologist who was essentially ridiculed and ex-communicated for making a dumb movie. A movie that was so bad that it went straight to DVD and was promoted late night on MTV and other outlets (the ads ran while I was in college so I remember them vividly). The Church of Scientology didn’t approve and decided to kick him out of the church and make his life a living hell. He lost his business and friends since they were all Scientologists and Scientologists don’t hang with those outside of the church.

He decided to rebuild his life by selling products. Like the SlapChop and the ShamWow.

The money that he makes from these products, he is using in his fight against the Church.

There’s post here that explains this further.

The Lupoe Murder-Suicide

As our economy worsens, I fear that there will be more stories like this.

The only way to get a mistrial, guaranteed

Stop judging him! At least it was in a plastic bag, people.

Man Attacks His Lawyer In Court With Feces

POSTED: 4:50 pm PST January 26, 2009

UPDATED: 5:49 am PST January 27, 2009

A mistrial was declared Monday when a home-invasion robbery suspect smeared human feces on his attorney’s face then threw more at the jury. Weusi McGowan, 37, was upset because San Diego Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Fraser refused to remove Deputy Alternate Public Defender Jeffrey Martin from the case, prosecutor Christopher Lawson said. At the mid-morning break, McGowan produced a plastic baggie filled with fecal matter and spread it on Martin’s hair and face, then flung the excrement toward the jury box, hitting the briefcase of juror No. 9 but missing the juror himself.

That juror didn’t even see it coming, Lawson said. The prosecutor said the defendant was compliant after the outburst and was taken into custody without further incident. After lunch, Fraser dismissed the jury, telling them McGowan would have to get a new lawyer and that his trial would be delayed. The judge scheduled a status conference for Feb. 9 and raised the defendant’s bail from $250,000 to $1 million, finding he is a danger to the community.Lawson said McGowan originally became upset last week when he claimed one of the jurors saw him in shackles as he entered the courtroom. Fraser dismissed all jurors who saw the defendant in shackles, the prosecutor said. “The judge had been very fair,” Lawson said. “All jurors who saw it were dismissed. “Fraser had also denied McGowan’s attempt to represent himself, saying the request was untimely, Lawson said. The prosecutor said the defendant had previously wiped human feces on himself and was examined by doctors to ensure he was mentally competent to stand trial. McGowan is charged with kidnapping for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and other counts and could face assault charges in connection with the attack on his attorney and jury, Lawson said.The prosecutor said the defendant hit a man with a rock in a sock as the victim came out of his home to investigate a commotion on Oct. 17, 2007. McGowan allegedly ransacked the man’s apartment then stole some of the victim’s belongings and took off in the victim’s car. He was arrested 20 minutes later, Lawson said.

// 5 things that i have seen on the first three episodes of “the wire” that i will now treat as facts.//

1. All teenage drug dealers are terrible at math and do not know how to play chess.

2. If a female police officer is good at her job, she is a lesbian.

3. Men with the last name of McNulty are insensitive alcoholics.

4. If a man named Omar is holding a rifle pointed at you, and asks you where the stash is located, be sure to tell him where it is as soon as possible or he will shoot you in the leg.

5. Baltimore strip clubs have seemingly apathetic strippers who dance to R&B and soul songs from the 1970s.*

*which makes me really want to visit a strip club in B-more.

// the power of boycott//

Apparently there is a bakery owner in Greenwich village selling cookies he is calling “Drunken Negro Face” cookies.

But on the day of the inauguration, they were called “Obama faces.”

While this leaves me horrified and speechless, I implore all current customers of the Lafayette French Pastry to no longer purchase goods from Ted Kefalinos. There are many other bakeries around the city who support our new president and people from various backgrounds. The best thing we can do is to show this person that hatred like this will not be tolerated or supported and give our money to those who accept everyone and do not bake racist caricatures of particular groups. Need alternate options? Here are a few to start with. And there are many other wonderful options around the five boroughs of New York City.

Here’s the story courtesy of Gothamist containing FOX TV footage the owner repeatedly saying the cookies are “Drunken Negro Faces” on camera.

Ted, if you come across this, deny it all you want but you are an ignorant, racist fuck. Having your sister married to a Cuban doesn’t make you not racist.

// day 1//

Today was President Barack Obama’s first day in office.

And I can’t stop thinking about how he and his wife enjoy "fisting each other"